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How About a Roundabout? Video and Brochure

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How About a Roundabout?  The Minnesota Experience How About a Roundabout?  The Minnesota Experience How About a Roundabout?
The Minnesota Experience and
A Minnesota Guide


How About a Roundabout?

A modern roundabout is a circular intersection where traffic flows around a center island.


Today, roundabouts can be alternatives to traffic signals and stop signs to control traffic. In many cases, they have several advantages over signals and stop signs, including:


• Fewer injury crashes and fatalities


• Increased pedestrian safety


• Less vehicle delay and pollution


Roundabouts, like all intersections, undergo thorough analysis prior to implementation to determine if it is the appropriate solution.


For more information on roundabouts and roundabout video and brochure, visit the Mn/DOT Roundabouts in Minnesota Webpage


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