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FY2015 Funding Awards

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MnDOT and LRRB FY2015 Funding Awards

Congratulations to the successful applicants for this year's solicitation! A list of all of the proposals selected for FY2015 is provided below and also available as a PDF. Click here to download it (PDF, 92.1 KB, 1 page).

Thank you for all those who applied and presented. We appreciate your interest and involvement in our program.

To those who were successful, the next steps in the process are:

  1. MnDOT Research Services Project Advisors will work with the Pincipal Investigator (PI) and Technical Liaison (TL) to organize a scoping meeting with the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP).
  2. At the scoping meeting, the TAP will review the work plan and may ask you to make some slight modifications to your proposal.
  3. With any minor additions, the TL and PA will finalize the technical scope in the proposal and approve it for processing into a contract.
  4. Once approved, the PI is to forward the proposal to their university's Sponsored Program Administration (SPA), who will work with MnDOT to develop a contract for the research to be performed from the proposal.
  5. The final proposal must be submitted by the SPA to MnDOT Research Services by May 1, 2014. Those not submitted will require additional board approvals.

Please Note – This notification means that the investigator can finalize the proposal/work scope. There are no financial guarantees or commitments until a signed contract is executed. No work can be performed by the university until a signed contract is executed. Work performed on these projects without a signed contract is a violation of state statutes.

For questions or concerns, please contact Hafiz Munir at 651-366-3757 or hafiz.munir@state.mn.us.

Funded Projects:

Source Principal Investigator University Project Title
LRRB Creaser, Janet UMN Examination of Driver Performance and Distraction with In-Vehicle Signing
MnDOT Davis, Gary UMN Safety Study of I-35W Improvements Done Under UPA Project
MnDOT Hallmark, Shauna L. Iowa State Evaluation of Intersection Conflict Warning Systems
MnDOT Hayee, Imran UMN DSRC Based Warning System for Workers Safety
LRRB Herb, William UMN Study of De-icing Salt Accumulation and Transport Through a Watershed
LRRB Hourdos, John UMN Evaluation of Safety and Mobility of Two-Lane Roundabouts
MnDOT Hourdos, John UMN Framework and Guidelines for the Development of a Twin Cities Meso-DTA Model
LRRB Jahren, Charles Iowa State Alternate Design Methods to Renew Lightly Traveled Paved Roads
LRRB Jahren, Charles Iowa State Optimal RAP Content for Minnesota Gravel Roads
LRRB Jeong, H. David Iowa State Barriers to Right-of-Way Acquisition and Recommendations for Change
MnDOT/LRRB Johnson, Ed OMRR Bio-Fog Seal Evaluation
MnDOT Khazanovich, Lev UMN PCC Pavement Thickness Variation Versus Observed Pavement Distress
MnDOT Kozarek, Jessica UMN Culvert Length and Interior Lighting Impacts to Topeka Shiner Passage
LRRB Lindsey, Greg UMN Traffic Impacts of Bicycle Facilities
MnDOT Liu, Henry UMN Development of a Queue Warning System Utilizing ATM Infrastructure: System Development and Field Testing
MnDOT Liu, Henry UMN Estimation of Traffic Conflicts at Signalized Intersections Using High-resolution Traffic Signal Data
MnDOT/LRRB Marasteanu, Mihai UMN Bio-Fog Seal Evaluation
LRRB Marasteanu, Mihai UMN Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) for Urban and Suburban Street Application
MnDOT Morris, Nichole UMN Examining the Impact of ASE in Work Zones on Driver Attention
LRRB Narvaez, Guillermo UMN Stakeholder Attitudes, Knowledge and Engagement in Local Road Systems Planning Decision-Making
MnDOT Reza, Farhad MSU, Mankato Evaluation of Recycled Aggregates Test Section Performance
LRRB Smadi, Omar Iowa State Minnesota Local Agency Pavement Marking: Mining Existing Data
LRRB Turkan, Yelda Iowa State Modernizing Road Construction Plans and Documentation
MnDOT Qian, Xinyi UMN Assessing the Economic Impact and Health Benefits of Bicycling in Minnesota