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Managing Minnesota's Roadsides:
What the Office of Environmental Services' Roadside Vegetation Management Unit Does and How We Can Help You Do Your Job


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The Roadside Vegetation Management (RVM) Unit in the Office of Environmental Services consists of just that. Botanist Ken Graeve, Horticulturalist Paul Voigt, and Foresters Paul Walvatne, Dan Gullickson, and Tina Markeson all have jobs that revolve around helping MnDOT manage our grass, wildflowers, weeds, shrubs, and trees along our roadsides. In some cases, they even use vegetation to help with snow control.


The RVM Unit helps districts with vegetation reviews during early notification memos for projects, helps Design avoid cutting down valuable trees, and helps Maintenance employees decide how best to manage planned and volunteer vegetation.


The RVM Unit also leads Research Projects that help MnDOT manage vegetation in the most efficient and cost-effective methods. Some of these projects include Living Snow Fences, Weed Mapping, and Wetblade.

Quick Access to Land Records:
Cadastral and Right of Way Data Sharing Pilot Project

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Project Timeline
Phase I & II Summary Report
Survey Results

MnDOT develops approximately 900 projects a year that require cadastral (property boundary and ownership) information. Each time a project is identified, MnDOT personnel must collect cadastral information from local government sources, such as Counties, Cities and Tribal organizations. Collecting information requires researching records and performing field surveys and then following up with analysis when discrepancies arise. MnDOT personnel time is required for research, as well as county personnel. MnDOT requests numerous recorded documents such as deeds, plats and certified survey information from local government organizations for each project.