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Ramp F

Central Office

Ramp F at Central Office

Ramp F accommodates 531 vehicles and many bicycles. It is located on Rice Street in St. Paul, directly west of the Central Office Transportation Building (see the map PDF).

Getting there

Employees who drive

  • Employees, you will need your ID badge (or its code – the Badge ID Number) to get to your designated parking level.
  • Each driver must stop at the gate, present his or her badge, wait for the arm to go up, and then proceed to enter the designated level. The same is true to exit. Do not try to follow another vehicle in or out without first presenting your own badge.
  • If your badge or keycard is replaced, you will need to notify PMD Parking or call 651-201-2300 so that your badge can be re-programmed to work on the new ramp keycard system.
  • Employee disability parking spaces are on the lower and first upper levels, according to where you were assigned.
  • Please remember to slow down, give other cars plenty of space to enter and park, look for cars backing out, and watch for pedestrians
  • For any questions, please contact PMD Parking (651-201-2300).


Access Ramp F from Metro Transit bus routes 3, 62 and 67.


Ample bicycle racks and locker storage is available. The annual cost to use lockers and keycard-secured storage is $50. For more information about storage options, contact PMD Parking (651-201-2300).