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Frequently Asked Questions


Once construction of Ramp F begins, where should the Rice Street bus commuters enter the Transportation Building?

John Ireland entrance or Lot G door.

Will the bus stops move?

The stop for northbound buses on Rice Street will move a little north in front of the State Office Building ramp.

Will Lot C still be available twice a month for bus commuters?

Yes, Metro Pass users are able to park in Lot C twice a month.


Will the crosswalk from the Sears lot be moved south to be closer to MnDOT’s south entrance during construction?

The crosswalk from Lot X (where the flashing lights are) stays. The north crosswalk, by Lot F entrance, will be moved north of the intersection, near the State Office Building parking ramp.



If I have to move from Lot G, will I be able to move back after the ramp construction is complete?


Some car poolers have been given priority to park in Lot G.  Are they going to be given any preferences to keep parking in that lot?

They will be moved to Lot X.

Will the van pools be able to park in the car pool spots at Sears?

There will be designated spots in Lot X.

Can we purchase permits for Lot C and Lot AA?

You can apply for a permit to park. Administration will assign the best possible available location to your work station. If a lot is full, you can get on a waiting list for that lot.

When can employees put their name in for the new ramp? 

Results of the Ramp F lottery are posted under Availability on PMD’s Parking web site. You can use your registration number to check placement on parking assignment/waiting lists.

Where will the excess parkers – those who don’t win the lottery – end up parking?

Closest lot with available space to employee work site.

Of the 480 spaces in the new ramp, how many will be assigned to disables, visitors, car poolers, van poolers, bike lockers, etc.?

There will be 10 visitor disability parking spaces with access aisles. All visitor parking will be on the 1st floor, grade level. PMD will accommodate the number of disability parking requests, van pool and car pool assignments through the lottery when the numbers are known.   

Will there be designated visitor spots?

There will be visitor spots in the new ramp. Visitor parking will available in Lot AA and at meters on the street in front of the Transportation Building on John Ireland Blvd during Ramp F construction.

How many levels will be in the ramp?

There will be four levels in the ramp: one below grade, three above. See artist rendering.

Would the motorcycle parking be moved to Lot G during the construction?

Motorcycle stickers have not been issued this year for Lot F.  Contract parkers assigned to Lot X interested in motorcycle parking for 2014, may obtain a sticker from PMD and park the motorcycle in a regular parking stall in Lot X, essentially using their contract parking stall.