Approved/Qualified Products


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Approved / qualified product definitions



Products are 'approved' when they have been found to routinely meet all applicable standards and specifications. The product is placed on the list based upon established successful manufacturer's quality control and warranties, but the listing may expire or require periodic renewal to verify the product has not changed over time. The approval process for the individual product should specify any expiration requirement.




Products are predicted to meet all applicable standards and specifications, but random sample testing is required to verify specific product lots meet specifications prior to usage. These products are generally considered to be "qualified" but not approved until tested for compliance. Successfully tested products lots are considered to be "approved". The approval process for the individual product should specify any further testing requirements for the product.



Certified Sources

Certified Sources must comply with each individual product's "certification procedure" as defined by the Department. Acceptance of products from certified sources follows the same sampling and testing as "qualified" products.



Provisional Status

Products, services, or sources may be given 'provisional status' when it passes initial tests or review, but successful field testing is required for 'approved' or 'qualified' status. Conditions of the provisional status will vary between products, services or sources, but will be explained within a "Provisional Approval" letter sent to the manufacturer following the review. Conditions may include an expiration period, testing requirements, and other pertinent information.




All products must meet specifications adopted by MnDOT prior to use on state projects. The specs are linked from the product list. Specifications may be a combination of test and review results from several sources.



Application Form

To have a product included on one of the lists, the supplier must complete the appropriate application form to start the evaluation process. Each application is linked from the product list. Learn more about the process



Usage Guidelines

Various products may have guidelines, best practices and/or precautions for usage. The appropriate documents have been linked from the product list where available.