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Packaged, Dry, Rapid-Hardening Cementitious Material for Concrete Repairs


Concrete Repairs ASTM C-928-08



Product Name Manufacturer
RenuPav Ultra ABC Cement LLC
Rapid Patch Concrete Surface Repair Akona Manufacturing LLC
Ardex TRM Ardex Engineered Cements
10-60 Rapid Mortar BASF Construction Chemical
10-61 Rapid Mortar BASF Construction Chemical
Set 45 HW BASF Construction Chemical
Rapid Patch - VR Bonsal
Fast Set Cement Mix Bonsal
Fast Patch 928 Burke
Pavemend SL CERATECH Incorporated
DOTLine CERATECH Incorporated
MainLine CERATECH Incorporated
Pavemend SLQ (Low temp.) CERATECH Incorporated
ChemSpeed 65 ChemMasters
Tectonite CFB
Pave Patch 3000 Dayton Superior
HD 50 Dayton Superior
Rapid Set Cement All CTS Cement Manufacturing
Rapid Set Mortar Mix CTS Cement Manufacturing
Rapid Set Concrete Mix CTS Cement Manufacturing
Rapid Set DOT Repair Mix CTS Cement Manufacturing
Re-Crete 20 Minute Set Dayton Superior
Five Star Highway Patch Five Star Products
SikaQuick 1000 Sika Corporation
SikaQuick 2500 Sika Corporation
Sikacrete 321FS Sika Corporation
Rep Con 928 SpecChem
Highway Patch 928 Specco Industries Inc.
Speccopatch RS Specco Industries Inc.
Speed Crete 2028 Tamms Industries
Speed Crete Greenline Tamms Industries
Speed Crete Express Repair Tamms Industries
Uni Road Repair DOT Universal Form Clamp
Polypatch US Mix Products
Transpatch US Mix Products
Transpatch Concrete US Mix Products
Polypatch FR US Mix Products
Futura W.R. Meadows
Fastrac 220 FQ Western Materials & Design, LLC
Fastrac 246 Western Materials & Design, LLC





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Office of Materials and Road Research