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Outreach activities


Outreach sessions

Spring 2007


Outreach meetings

June/July 2008


Open House meetings

February 2009


Public Hearings

March 2009



Page updated 4/1/2009

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Early Outreach Meetings


Outreach to stakeholders and the public is a key aspect of the Statewide Transportation Plan Update

People at meeting

process. Outreach meetings have been and will be scheduled during all phases of the effort -- from sessions in each MnDOT district that were completed in Spring 2007, through a formal review period prior to plan adoption. Input from stakeholders and the public is highly valued -- your input through the face-to-face scheduled outreach sessions or by phone or email contact is always helpful and welcome.


Below is the schedule of statewide Outreach meetings. The focus of the meetings was to discuss the policy framework for the plan and performance targets.


Click here to see the Outreach Summer 2008 meetings Final Summary.


District 1 location:

Hermantown, MN.

June 26, 2008

District 8 location:

WIllmar, MN

July 10, 2008

District 3 location:

St. Cloud, MN

July 14, 2008

Metro District:

Metropolitan Council

Transportation Advisory Board

July 16, 2008

District 2 location:

Bemidji, MN

July 17, 2008

District 4 location:

Fergus Falls, MN

July 21, 2008

Metro District:

Eagan, MN

July 22, 2008

District 6 location:

Rochester, MN

July 23, 2008

District 7 location:

North Mankato, MN

July 28, 2008



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