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Statewide Transportation Plan - Steering Committee
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Steering Committee Meetings

The Steering Committee met periodically throughout the plan development process to review progress and to address broader policy questions.


Committee Meeting Schedule




Meeting Summaries & Other Meeting Materials are available for each meeting



updated 6/23/2011

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee included MnDOT Division Directors, District Engineers, Office Directors, and representatives of many other state agencies and key external stakeholders. The Steering Committee will met periodically throughout

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the plan development process to review progress and to address broader policy questions. Committee members reviewed data analyses and trends, public involvement findings, and Technical Workgroup findings and recommendations. The Steering Committee forwarded its recommendations on major policy issues to MnDOT management's Transportation Program Investment Committee and the Commissioner of Transportation.


Charge to the Statewide Plan Steering Committee

The Statewide Plan Steering Committeel advised MnDOT’s Transportation Program Committee and helped guide development of an update of the Minnesota Statewide Transportation Plan. Through periodic discussion meetings, beginning in June of 2007, the Statewide Plan Steering Committee was asked to consider past trends and future statewide transportation needs; to identify relevant issues and opportunities for cooperation and coordination in accomplishment of state goals; and to make recommendations for the Transportation Program Committee’s consideration regarding the policies and performance objectives that will guide Minnesota’s transportation investments in coming years.


Participants included:




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