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Statewide Transportation Plan 2009-2028
State of Minnesota
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The Statewide Transportation Plan sets a long range vision for transportation in Minnesota and identifies transportation system needs, goals, and priorities over a 20-year period.


The Transportation Plan identifies multimodal considerations including highways, transit, freight, air, bicycles and pedestrians.


Factors and Goals

MnDOT will follow the Federal SAFETEA-LU Planning Factors as guidelines while developing the plan. Additionally, the project will be guided by the Minnesota Statewide Transportation Goals (MN Statutes Chapter 174, Subd. 2.).


State and Federal Planning Goals


Why Update the Plan Now?

Since the last Statewide Transportation Plan Update in 2003, new issues and opportunities have arisen that should be addressed in the Statewide Plan. Experience with performance based planning and investment management has increased MnDOT’s knowledge of these issues. In addition, a new revenue outlook will shape MnDOT’s future direction, requiring a more comprehensive long range planning approach to investments and decision-making.


MnDOT is required, under both state and federal law, to develop a multi-modal statewide transportation plan that identifies

Traffic congestion
transportation system goals, needs, and priorities over a 20-year period. Minnesota State statute requires that the plan be updated every six years.  The last plan was adopted in 2003, which means the next plan update is due in 2009.


Federal rules require that the Statewide Transportation Plan comply with the legislation establishing the federal transportation program, the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU).  The plan must be developed consistent with content and process provisions outlined in SAFETEA-LU. For example, the Statewide Transportation Plan must be developed in consultation with Tribal Governments. It must also coordinate with statewide trade and economic development planning activities and related multi-state planning efforts. In addition, the state plan must be coordinated with metropolitan area long range transportation plans, which SAFETEA‑LU requires to be updated every four or five years.


Performance-Based Planning

The last Statewide Transportation Plan was completed in 2003 and was one of the first performance-based statewide plans in the nation. This plan has three strategic directions, ten policy areas, and numerous performance measures. The policy plan update will maintain its performance-based orientation from the 2003 plan. Additionally, numerous plans, reports, and studies will be considered and reflected in the updated Statewide Transportation Plan. For example:


As part of the Statewide Transportation Plan Update, MnDOT must coordinate metropolitan area planning activities with the State’s metropolitan planning organizations (MPO). Each MPO is required to prepare a long range transportation plan for their areas every four to five years, depending on their respective air quality conformity status. The following MPO plans will be considered in the development of the Statewide Transportation Plan relating to metropolitan area issues.


Modal Plans

Additionally, the Statewide Transportation Plan will include findings and recommendations from the four modal plans developed by MnDOT. These include: