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2003 Statewide Transportation Plan
State of Minnesota
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2003 Statewide Transportation Plan


A previous update of Minnesota’s Statewide Transportation Plan was last completed in 2003. Fiscally constrained district-level implementation plans were developed thereafter as were modal system plans for Freight, Bicycle Transportation, and for Aeronautics.


The Minnesota Statewide Transportation Plan is one of the first statewide transportation plans in the nation that is performance-based, and it is a recipient of the Federal Highway and Federal Transit Administrations’ joint Planning Excellence Award.


The 10 factors that were included in the 2003 Statewide Transportation Plan are shown in the table below.


Strategic Direction Safeguard What Exists Make the Transportation Network Operate Better Make MnDOT Work Better
Plan Policies

1. Preserve Essential Elements of Existing Transportation Systems

4. Provide Cost-Effective Transportation Options for People and Freight.

8. Continually Improve MnDOT's Internal Management and Program Delivery.

2. Support Land Use Decisions that Preserve Mobility and Enhance the Safety of Transportation Systems. 5. Enhance Mobility in Interregional Transportation Corridors Linking Regional Trade Centers. 9. Inform, Involve and Educate All Potentially Affected Stakeholders in Transportation Plan and Investment Decision Processes.
3. Effectively Manage the Operation of Existing Transportation Systems to Provide Maximum Service to Customers. 6. Enhance Mobility Within Major Regional Trade Centers. 10. Protect the Environment and Respect Community Values.
7. Ensure the Safety and Security of the Transportation Systems and Their Users.  

updated 12/20/2011