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2017 Statewide Multimodal and Highway Investment Plans Update

About the Plan Update

The Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan (SMTP) and Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan (MnSHIP) are currently being updated. Both plans are required by state law to be completed in January of 2017. During the previous planning cycle, the SMTP was completed prior to MnSHIP and through separate outreach processes. Schedule constraints have made a combined update process a necessity.

Please visit the SMTP/MnSHIP joint project update website to view our online surveys and plan documents.

Until the updated plans are released the current versions of both the SMTP and MnSHIP will remain valid.

Approximate timelines for the plan updates are shown below.

  • Summer 2015: Background information and analysis
  • Fall 2015 – Spring 2016: Public and stakeholder outreach
  • Late Summer 2016: Draft plan documents released
  • January 2017: Final approval and adoption of the updated plans by the Governor
  • Logos for the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan and State Highway Investment Plan