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Passenger and Freight Rail Plan for Minnesota
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Freight Rail Reports


Assessing Feasibility of Intermodal Transport of Agricultural and Related Products on Short Line and Regional Railroads




CP/DM&E Southern Rail Corridor of Rochester, MN




Southwest Minnesota Regional Freight Study




2005 Statewide Freight Plan




Twin Ports Intermodal Terminal Study (July 2003)




Passenger Rail Reports


Amtrak Critical Link 2007 Report




Bottineau Transitway

Project Website




Central Corridor LRT

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Commuter Rail System Plan




Metropolitan Council 2030 Transit Master Study




Metropolitan Council 2030 Transportation Policy Plan

Plan Website




Midwest Regional Rail Initiative (MWRRI)



Project Notebook 2004



Economic Impacts



North Coast Hiawatha Service Study


Northern Lights Express (Minneapolis-Duluth/Superior Corridor)

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TEMS Feasibility Study



Northstar Commuter Rail

Project Website


Environmental Assessment



Red Rock Corridor Transitway

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Rochester Rail Link




Rush Line Corridor

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Southwest Transitway

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Tri-State Rail Studies


Tri-State II Rail Study - 2000


Tri-State Rail Study - 1991



Vision for High-Speed Rail in America

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Vision for the Future: U.S. Intercity Passenger Rail Network Through 2050




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