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Public Outreach



Response to Comments


MnDOT addresses several key issues that have been brought through public comments on the Frequently Asked Questions page.



Open House Meetings


Final Open House and Public Hearing


MnDOT held three Open House meetings and a public hearing video conference at various locations across the state during the Dec. 31 - Jan. 29 public comment period.


MnDOT held two previous rounds of Open House meetings across the state to gather public input for the Statewide Freight and Passenger Rail Plan.


Round One: April 21 - May 14, 2009


Round Two: October 6 - October 28



Other Meetings


Policy Advisory Committee


The PAC met last on Friday, November 13. More details


Technical Advisory Committees


The Freight and Passenger Technical Advisory Committee meetings were last held on Thursday, November 12. More information is available at the following links:



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