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Highway Systems Operation Plan (HSOP)

Welcome to the first Minnesota Statewide Highway Systems Operation Plan (HSOP). This plan has been prepared by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to support the Department’s Strategic Directions and Transportation Polices and to provide a framework for managing key maintenance activities throughout Minnesota. This operations plan is a significant first step to assessing the challenges of preserving and maintaining the State’s transportation infrastructure at a time when the competition for resources is intense and the need for services is increasing in parallel with population and economic growth.

This planning effort is intended to complement MnDOT’s Statewide Transportation Plan from a maintenance-operations perspective. It is also intended to compliment other strategic planning efforts such as the MnDOT District Plans which focus more on capital infrastructure needs.

MnDOT has six main objectives for this Highway Systems Operation Plan:

  1. Document major trends and key factors that directly affect and/or influence maintenance operations work activities.
  2. Identify linkages between maintenance operations activities and Minnesota’s Statewide Transportation Plan and District 20-year Plans.
  3. Identify performance measures in the operations maintenance area, and gather supporting data for tracking MnDOT’s progress toward achieving the performance measures.
  4. Based on identified trends and present performance levels, identify funding gaps and/or changes in maintenance operations activities to meet performance measures.
  5. Based on different levels of investment, identify, if possible, level of service changes and/or priorities for various maintenance operations work activities.
  6. Provide guidance and strategies to MnDOT Districts and Offices for implementation of the plan.

View/print Highway Systems Operation Plan (PDF 707 KB)