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Transportation Planning Partners

Minnesota Metropolitan and Regional Planning Organizations
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Metropolitan Planning Organizations


Regional Development Commissions



Partners in Transportation Planning


Metropolitan Planning Organizations


What is an MPO?


Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) are entities designated by law with the lead responsibility for the development of a metropolitan area's transportation plans and to coordinate the transportation planning process.  All urban areas over 50,000 in population are required to have an MPO if the agencies spend Federal funds on transportation improvements. 


There are eight Metropolitan Planning Organizations in Minnesota.


The following are some primary functions of an MPO:


For more information on how MnDOT and MPOs work together, please contact Bobbi Retzlaff, Principal Transportation Planner


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Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations



Regional Development Commissions


What is an RDC?

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Minnesota's twelve (12) regional development commissions are key partners and technical assistance providers to the Area Transportation Partnerships (ATP) around the state. Each regional development commission is a partner in the ATP process and involved in soliciting and evaluating projects and seek to integrate regional priorities in planning and project selection. Each RDC coordinates transportation with MnDOT following a work program framework. This framework helps develop consistency yet allows for unique differences in regional transportation planning issues around Minnesota.


For more information on RDCs, contact Katie Caskey, Senior Transportation Planner



Other Links and Resources

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Minnesota RDC-MPO map


Area Transportation Partnerships