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Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan: 2014-2033

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Minnesota GO - A Collaborative Vision for Transportation

Related plans, studies and reports

MnDOT’s Family of Plans includes four tiers of planning.

  • The first two tiers of planning are the Minnesota GO Vision and the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan. These two plans lay the groundwork for development of the modal investment and supporting plans.
  • The third tier consists of the modal investment plans, including the MnSHIP update.
  • The last tier is made up of supporting plans which complement and inform the statewide plan and modal investment plans as well as feed into capital programs and operating plans. The main capital programming planning document is the four-year State Transportation Improvement Program.

Collectively, these four tiers of planning meet state and federal transportation planning requirements while guiding MnDOT’s short-term and long-term transportation strategies.

Additional Plans, Studies and Reports

Visit the Planning and Programming page for more information on MnDOT’s planning and programming activities and reports.

Links to Key Supporting Documents

Many other plans complement and inform MnSHIP and capital programs. Click on the document name to learn more.

Minnesota GO: 50-year Vision for Transportation 
Visioning process to better align the transportation system with what Minnesotans expect for their quality of life, economy and quality of life.

Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan 
Serves as the policy framework for MnSHIP and establishes guidance and priorities for state transportation decisions.

Corridor Investment Management Strategy
Corridor-based initiative that brings MnDOT together with its local, modal, and state partners to identify opportunities for collaborative and innovative investment.

2009-2028 State Highway Investment Plan (Previous Plan) 
Links the policies and strategies established in the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan to capital improvements in the state highway system.

2011 Annual Minnesota Transportation Performance Report 
Indicates how well or not-so-well Minnesota’s statewide transportation system is working.

State Transportation Improvement Program 
Details how money will be spent and identifies projects generally considered commitments.

Overview of Planning and Programming in Minnesota 
Documents the process of planning and programming for all modes of transportation in Minnesota.