Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Regional Freight Initiative
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About the Initiative

Mn/DOT and Metropolitan Council are conducting a Regional Freight Initiative to improve freight planning and develop a framework to more effectively address multimodal freight transportation needs in the region. Mn/DOT’s 2009 Statewide Transportation Policy Plan and Met Council’s 2010 update to the region’s 2030 Transportation Policy Plan both identify metropolitan freight issues, but there is a need for a more specific freight agenda that includes a unifying definition of agency roles and responsibilities. The Regional Freight Initiative will examine current as well as future needs, and consider the range of possible future conditions, constraints, and opportunities.


An important outcome will be to strengthen the ability of Mn/DOT and the Council to work with the private sector to address the region’s freight needs. This will be accomplished by better integrating the agencies’ freight planning activities and by advancing more effective institutional arrangements, including relationships with private organizations with freight interests. The initiative began in August 2010 and will be completed in late summer 2011.










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