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Advisory group members

Print list of current members (PDF 66 KB) - updated Dec. 5, 2012

Organization Members
Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) Bill Stearns, Wadena County Commissioner
Gary Kriesel, Washington County Commissioner
Lyle Tjosaas, Dodge County Commissioner
Alternate: Guy Kohlnhofer, Dodge County Eng
Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT) Gary Pedersen, Executive Director
Alternate: Kyle Hartnett
Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) Pamela Belz, Senior Housing Partners
Minnesota Complete Streets Coalition (CSC) Jack Broz, Howard R. Green Company
Dorian Grilley, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota
Steve Clark, Transit for Livable Communities
Alternate:Joan Pasiuk
Ethan Fawley, Fresh Energy
Vayong Moua, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MN
Elin Schold Davis, American Occupational Therapy Assoc.
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Will Stein
Department of Health (MDH) Amber Dallman, Statewide Health Improvement Initiative
Alternate: Matt Dyrdahl
Minnesota House of Representatives Former Representative Bernie Lieder
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) Katie Topinka
Alternate: Tonja Orr
League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) John M. Powell, Savage Public Works Director
Tracy Davis, Northfield
Metropolitan Council (metropolitan planning organization) Steve Elkins, Met Council Transportation Committee
Metro Transit Julie Quinn, Associate Planner
Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Grant Scholen, State Trail Program Coordinator
Pollution Control Agency (PCA) Philipp Muessig
Alternate: Anna Kerr
Department of Public Safety (DPS) Gordy Pehrson, Office of Traffic Safety
Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) Tony Kellen, President
Minnesota State Council on Disability Margot Imdieke, Accessibility Specialist
Regional Development Commission (greater Minnesota) Wayne Hurley, AICP, Planning Director
Minnesota Transportation Alliance Margaret Donahoe, Executive Director
Hennepin County Karen R. Nikolai, Community Design Liaison
City of Rochester Richard W. Freese, Public Works Director
Alternate: Mitzi Baker, Olmsted County