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Ports, shipping the focus of new Coast Guard cyber plan

Within the next month, the Coast Guard plans to introduce a cyber security plan that will better prevent cyberattacks on both Coast Guard systems and the country's 3,600 sea ports and facilities, plus the ships they serve. Learn more.

Upper St. Anthony Falls lock permanently closed

The closure of the Upper St. Anthony Falls lock on the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis brought an end to 72 jobs (44 directly on the river). The amount of freight handled — the equivalent of 594 commercial lockages — is likely added to already congested rail and road systems in the metro area. While closing locks and waterways can prevent the migration of invasive species, it may also affect efforts to enhance global trade, the cost of moving goods, air pollution emissions, traffic safety and congestion, and economic competitiveness.

Minnesota waterways to benefit from new water resources law

The efforts of Minnesota ports to create jobs and grow the economy have benefited from a new federal law that invests in water infrastructure. The Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) ultimately promotes U.S. competitiveness by improving critical processes, policies and funding. Learn more.