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MnDOT completes the District 1 / NE Minnesota Manufacturers' Perspectives on Transportation Project

D1 Manufacturers' Study report cover page

With 567 bridges and 3,700 lane miles, MnDOT’s District 1 comprises nearly a quarter of Minnesota’s land area. This recently-completed report reflects the results of face-to-face interviews with 78 manufacturers and other businesses in northeast Minnesota, on topics such as 10-ton roads, passing lanes, passable bridges, construction and congestion. MnDOT District 1 and Central Office staff are analyzing and incorporating results, as feasible, into system improvement plans.

Take a look at the District 1 Manufacturers' Perspectives on Minnesota's Transportation System report:

MnDOT gears up for Metro Manufacturers' Project, holds a Freight Studies Roundup

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Manufacturers’ Perspectives Project featured in Community Development journal

See full article at: http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/ZgTrjVIv3QGndzBZkmRd/full.

Current projects

Metro District
The Metro District Manufacturers' Perspectives project is underway in its beginning stages in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan region of Minnesota.

Map of MnDOT District 1, covering Northeast Minnesota.



District 6 Southeastern Minnesota
The District 6 Manufacturers' Perspectives project is also underway.

See Training Video:
Overview and Interview Training for MnDOT D6 / Southeast Minnesota