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March 27, 2013



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MnDOT announces 2013 state road construction program

$1.1 billion transportation investment will improve safety, mobility for motorists


ST. PAUL, Minn. — More than 300 construction projects scheduled for 2013 will do much to improve highways, bridges and other state transportation infrastructure to ensure the safety and mobility of the travelling public, the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced today.


“The $1.1 billion that we are investing in our state transportation system this year will increase regional connections throughout the state, as well as support jobs and community-building that make Minnesota a great place to live and do business,” said Charlie Zelle, MnDOT Commissioner.


“The transportation infrastructure is a key component to our state’s economy. This work helps ensure that motorists can continue to get to work, to recreation and that goods and services can get to us.” 


The 2013 construction program includes work on 87 projects in the Twin Cities and 193 projects in Greater Minnesota. An additional 57 projects statewide will improve safety at railroad crossings, repair seawalls and docks, make improvements on runways and terminals at regional airports, and improve transit centers.


High-impact projects in the Twin Cities metro area include:


Projects in Greater Minnesota include:


“This work helps maintain a strong transportation system,” Zelle said. “We know from a lot of study that the need for road construction is growing. As a state, we need to begin to work on solutions that will allow us to continue this level of work into the future.”


Because of the number of work zones motorists will encounter as crews perform road construction and maintenance work, MnDOT asks drivers to be alert on the road this summer.


MnDOT urges motorists to: 


“We understand that some of these construction projects may temporarily add time to your commutes, and we appreciate your cooperation in keeping yourselves—and our crews—safe,” Zelle said. 

For a complete list of projects, including construction dates and traffic impacts, visit

In addition, motorists can keep informed about projects and other transportation topics by connecting to MnDOT via social media, as well as signing up to receive email updates at




Pay Attention Slow Down in Workzones