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April 16, 2012




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Regional freight study meetings set for April 26-May 2 in southeastern Minnesota


ST PAUL, Minn.— The public is invited to attend one of three meetings in southeastern Minnesota as part of a comprehensive regional freight study to define commodity movements and their impact on the local and larger economy in southeast Minnesota and adjoining areas.


To prepare for the study, document current viewpoints and determine study methodology the first of two series of meetings will be held:


The study is occurring in cooperation with several cities and counties in southeastern Minnesota as well as other state and economic development agencies and metropolitan planning organizations.


“A key part of the study is to engage private businesses and industries and determine the scope and impact of business trends on the transportation network,” said Bill Gardner, MnDOT’s Freight & Commercial Vehicle Operations director.


The study will also research how the system can be enhanced for more efficient freight flows and a better business environment. It will cover a diverse range of topics, including:


The second series of meetings will occur in June and July 2012. MnDOT expects the study to be complete in July 2012. Project staff and partners will be available for additional presentations to local groups and interested parties upon request.


Questions about the study or meetings may be addressed to Dave Christianson, MnDOT project manager at 651-366-3710 or







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