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March 29, 2012




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MnDOT announces statewide flood mitigation projects


ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Department of Transportation today announced eight flood mitigation projects totaling $30 million to be constructed in the next five years. These projects are part of a $50 million flood mitigation program.


“After the substantial statewide flooding in fall 2010, MnDOT created this program to make state roadways more resistant to future flood damage,” said Tom Sorel, MnDOT Commissioner.


The flood mitigation projects are funded through existing bond authority and include improvements to drainage structures, slopes, berms and ditches prone to flooding as well as repairs, realignments or raises to highways that regularly flood. 


Major projects include:


“As stewards of Minnesota’s infrastructure, we continuously look for enhancements that encourage sustainability while enhancing our quality of life now and in the future,” said Sorel.


Sorel said the program will mean lower costs to repair damage from future floods, creating more sustainable transportation in the future. It will also provide more value and safer communities to Minnesotans with reduced repair costs and less traffic disruption.


MnDOT announced 22 projects in 2011 as part of the flood mitigation program. For a complete project list, visit







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