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Aug. 21, 2009



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Mn/DOT finalizes its 20-year Statewide Transportation Policy Plan and Statewide and District Highway Investment plans


ST. PAUL, Minn. — Mn/DOT announced today that it has finalized its 2009-2028 Minnesota Statewide Transportation Policy Plan. The plan, “Your Destination...Our Priority,” sets a long-range vision for transportation in Minnesota and identifies transportation system needs, goals and priorities for the next 20 years.


“Accountability and transparency were important in developing this plan,” said Transportation Commissioner Tom Sorel. “We sought input from the public and stakeholders who help guide our future investments and decisions. The result is a policy plan for developing and maintaining a safe, efficient transportation system for the future.”


Last updated in 2003, the plan is based on analysis of transportation trends and issues in Minnesota. The plan differs from its predecessor in that it identifies some new challenges including a growing, aging and more diversified population as well as energy and environmental concerns. It also highlights some opportunities for new approaches to improve safety, manage congestion and expand alternative modes of transportation.


Multiple planning efforts for other modes are also underway that will expand upon the policies and strategies of the plan, including the Greater Minnesota Transit Plan, Intercity Bus Study and the Statewide Freight and Passenger Rail Plan.


“The plan is multi-modal and multi-jurisdictional,” Sorel said. “It outlines strategies to move Minnesota forward and identifies where Mn/DOT and partners should work together to meet the state’s transportation needs.”


Mn/DOT has concurrently updated the Statewide and District Highway Investment Plans for the 2009-2028 time period. The plan lays out priorities for projected available funding during the next 20 years.


“It establishes a balanced program of investments that help achieve strategic priorities of safety, mobility and infrastructure preservation,” Sorel said. “But it’s just a snapshot in time. It may change as future revenue and costs change.”


The Minnesota Statewide Transportation Policy Plan and the Statewide and District 20-year Highway Investment Plans are available online at http://www.dot.state.mn.us/planning/stateplan/index.html. A summary of public comments received and response to these comments is available on the site.


Paper copies of the statewide policy and highway plans will be available for review at the Mn/DOT Central Office in St. Paul, 395 John Ireland Blvd., or at district headquarters offices throughout the state by Sept. 1, 2009. To request this document in an alternative format call 651-366-4718 or e-mail ADArequest@dot.state.mn.us.