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News Release
Dec. 27, 2006

Workzone at night

Winter road weight increases begin Dec. 28 in the north-central zone

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Winter load increases for heavy trucks will begin the north-central frost zone at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 28, the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced.

     Load increases will begin on highways that do not have existing posted weight limits in the north-central frost zone at 12:01 a.m. Dec. 28, 2006.

     The north-central zone extends north from the northern limit of the central zone (Hwy 10,  Hwy 210, Hwy18, Interstate 35 and Hwy 48) to a line following and including Hwy 1 at the North Dakota state line east to Hwy 89; Hwy  89 south to Hwy 2; Hwy 2 east to
Hwy 33; Hwy 33 south through Cloquet to Interstate-35; I-35 north to the Carlton/St. Louis County line and continuing south to the Wisconsin state line.

     Winter load increases are now in effect in the north frost zone. Mn/DOT continues to monitor the state’s remaining frost zones to determine when it will allow additional increases for legal truck weights.

     Vehicles will be allowed to operate at 10 percent over the standard maximum load on both 10-ton and 9-ton routes during the winter load increase period. 

     However, trucks must comply with current registration weight laws and not exceed registered gross weight tolerances. Also, gross vehicle weight is capped at 80,000 pounds on 9-ton township and city routes. Mn/DOT urges trucking operators to check with local agencies (cities, counties and townships) before increasing truck weights on their routes.

      Weight limit signs erected on the roadway govern the load limit in effect. 

     Mn/DOT also advises that winter weight load permits are required to carry the 10 percent weight increase on Minnesota’s interstate highways.

     The Minnesota Department of Transportation continues to monitor the other frost zones to determine when it can allow additional weight increases.

     More information about winter load limits and the frost zones can be found at:
www.mrr.dot.state.mn.us or by calling toll-free at 800/723-6543 in the U. S. and Canada or 651/366-5400 in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

     Mn/DOT’s Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations can provide more information about overweight and over-dimension trucking issues at 651/296-6000.

     The Minnesota State Patrol also provides information about legal truck weights, safety regulations and related issues. To contact the Vehicle Weight Enforcement Section, call 651/405-6196 or visit its Web page: www.dps.state.mn.us/patrol .



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