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Crossing Guard Coordinators

Some Minnesota jurisdictions use adult volunteers and others hire and supervise paid staff. The Minnesota Crossing Guard Training is designed to be used by any crossing guard in Minnesota, regardless of whether they are paid or volunteer. This training is not intended to replace existing crossing guard training programs.

It is recommended that crossing guards practice the crossing procedures covered in this training in real-world conditions before their first shift working with children. Preferably the practice sessions will happen under the supervision of crossing guard coordinators and supervisors.

As a crossing guard coordinator or supervisor, we encourage you to share this training with the crossing guards in your program. Each crossing guard who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate.

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Other crossing guard resources

Crossing Guard Quick Reference Guide (PDF): This resource provides a summary of important points for crossing guards to remember.

Key Contacts Template (Word): A Template for crossing guard coordinators and supervisors to complete and distribute to their crossing guards. This form includes helpful phone numbers that crossing guards may need, such as who to contact if they will miss all or part of their shift.