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Safe Routes to School Resource Index

The Minnesota Safe Routes to School Online Resource Center is a one-stop shop for tools and resources to assist with Safe Routes to School efforts. This page contains a variety of tip sheets, guides and other resources in the following categories:

Safe Routes 101

  • Safe Routes to School and Health [.pdf] - physical activity benefits of Safe Routes to School and strategies for measuring those benefits.
  • What is Safe Routes to School? - statistics that explain Safe Routes to School, including traffic congestion, safety, health and obesity, environment and bus transportation costs.

Grants & Funding

6 E’s of Safe Routes to School





  • Crossing Guard guide - helps schools, school districts, law enforcement agencies and other entities better understand the roles, rules and guidance for crossing guard selection, placement, training and uniform.
  • Enforcement Tip sheet - learn about Minnesota laws pertaining to walking and biking, who should be involved in enforcement of Safe Routes to School, effective enforcement practices and more.
  • Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center - training center for school and school bus patrols.



Safe Routes to School Planning

School Resources

Policy & Technical Guidance