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Announcing Minnesota Winter Walk and Bike to School Day!

Students at Elton Hills elementary walking in front of school on a snowy day

This is Minnesota, the land of snowmobiling, ice fishing, hockey, cross-country skiing and fat biking – why wouldn’t we throw a Walk and Bike to School Day party in the middle of the winter? The 10th anniversary of Winter Walk Day is February 1, 2017 and this year Minnesota is in for the celebration.  
The idea is simple: go for a walk for at least 15 minutes, and don’t let the cold scare you off. Celebrations can start small or include the entire school – just do something! Winter Walk Day in 2016, Minneapolis Public Schools partnered with the Winter Cycling Congress to celebrate a group ride with community members and international guests. What opportunities for winter celebrations can you think of in your community?
Click here to get registered for Minnesota’s Winter Walk and Bike to School Day and we’ll support your efforts with materials and incentives to get your school moving.

Winter Walk to School Marketing Toolkit

While you prepare to market and execute a successful event at your school, consider using many of the pre-made tools that MnSRTS has provided to reach out to parents, teachers and community members by email, enews, social media and posters/flyers.

Click here to explore the Winter Walk to School Marketing Toolkit.

Winter Walking 101

Winter has arrived, but that doesn’t mean an end to children walking to school. With the right preparation, walking to school in the winter can be fun and enjoyable! Follow these six helpful tips to encourage students to continue walking to school all winter long:

  1. Check the forecast and avoid days that are too cold, windy, or snowy.
  2. Dress in layers to help regulate your body’s temperature
  3. Keep your toes warm by wearing winter boots and warm socks
  4. Take your time, and enjoy a leisurely pace
  5. Wear hats and mittens to keep your head and hands warm
  6. Stay hydrated by drinking water before and after your walk to school