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2017 Poster Contest Winners Announced

This year for Bike to School Day, Minnesota Safe Routes to School held the second annual Bike to School Day Poster Contest, sponsored by the Minnesota Safe Routes to School, Quality Bicycle Products and Dero. The contest asked students to create a poster that shows how bicycling makes them feel. We received over 400 entries from around the state, and while the decision making process was tough, the review committee looked for empowering messaging, good design and outside of the box thinking. Congratulations to our winners below, and thank you to everyone for participating in our poster contest!

(Poster contest winners will receive their choice of several Dero products (including a bike rack, public bike pump, and more) for placement at their school.)

2017 Contest Winners

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Winners


1st Place - Sarvagra Vempati - 1st Grade - Maple Groveposter of girl riding to basswood elementary


2nd Place - Lyla Huls- 1st Grade - Holdingfordposter of pig tailed girl riding outside


3rd Place - Jayden Hix- 2nd Grade - Winonabike jumping off of the planet earth

4th - 8th Grade Winners


1st Place - Katelynn Marquardt - 5th grade - Wilmargirl riding bicycle with dog in basket


2nd Place - Kylie Stude - 5th grade - Mankatogirl riding by her school


3rd Place - Ny Nguyen - 5th grade - CrookstonBoy saying be safe and have fun


2016 Contest Winners

Kindergarten - 4th Grade Winners

1st Place - Lilian Reiter - 4th Grade
Girl riding bike in clouds. Caption "Unstoppable".

2nd Place - Lily Sabers - 1st Grade
Painting of girl riding a bike with a light.

3rd Place - Grace Terry - 3rd Grade
Girl riding a pink bicycle with the caption "I'm Happy".

5th - 8th Grade Winners

1st Place - Finn McEllistrem, 5th Grade
Man riding bike while breaking free of ball and chain. He says "I'm Free".


2nd Place - Olivia Klassen - 8th Grade - Ave Maria Academy
Girl on bicycle with feet in the air. Caption is "Free".


3rd Place - Ella Nagorske- 5th Grade - Truman Elementary School
Unicorn riding bicycle on a rainbow. It says "I love riding my bike!".