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2022 Bike to School Day Poster Contest Winners Announced!

Pedaling a bicycle can create some of childhood’s happiest moments and we love to see what students in Minnesota feel when riding a bicycle with our sixth annual Bike to School Day Poster Contest. This year’s winners, from St. Michael and Field Elementary in Minneapolis will be receiving their own bike themed prize packs care of Quality Bicycle Products that include a camelbak, helmet, lock, bell and multi-tool.

There were so many great posters to choose from, with a wide array of positive and hilarious messages….and the 2022 Bike to School Day Poster Contest winners are:

K-3rd Category

Alice, 3rd Grader, Field Elementary, Minneapolis

With a message of bicycling as a unifier, Alice's message resonated. (and hamburgers!)

4th-8th Category

Emily K., 5th grader, St. Michael’s Middle School East, St. Michael

Is there anything more joyful and happy than a unicorn on a bicycle? We think not.

2020 contest winners

Kindergarten - fourth grade winners

First place - McKinley H.- Second grade - Rochester

McKinley's poster, a drawing of a bicycle with the handwritten text "Biking makes me feel free!"

Second place - Natalia W. - Second grade - Rochester

Natalia's poster, featuring a hand-drawn image of adventure bicycle

Third place - Lucy C. - Minneapolis

Lucy's poster, featuring a hand-drawn image of a child riding a bicycle

Fifth - eighth grade winners

First place - Paulina Y. - Seventh grade - Rochester

Paulina's poster, featuring a hand-drawn image of a child riding a bicycle near a pond and the hand-written text 'Adventurous, Free, HAPPY, Calm, Biking makes me feel like a bird flying in the wind. It makes me feel calm, happy. I love biking. How Biking Makes Me Feel'

Second place - Anastasia W. - Sixth grade -Rochester

Anastasia's poster, featuring a hand-drawn image of a child on a bicycle and the hand-written text 'fast as an antelope, happy as a panda, Free as a bird' and a speech bubble that reads, 'for me biking is a way of transportation, entertainment, and exercise'

Third place - Kaiya - Seventh grade - Eagan

Kaiya's poster, featuring a hand-drawn image of a bike with thought bubbles emanating. Inside the thought bubbles are a child with balloons, hearts, and a person standing on top of a mountain.

2019 contest winners

Kindergarten - third grade winner

First place - Connor H.. - Second grade - Fergus Falls

image of child riding bicycle

Fourth - eighth grade winner

First place - Delany N. Eighth grade - South St. Paul

image of bicycle with words describing how it feels written on it