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2019 Walk to School Day Photo Contest Winners Announced

Thank you everyone for your efforts to make Minnesota’s 2019 Walk to School Day a success! We had over 180¬†schools registered (and even more participating) from around the state and many of you took photos and posted to social media for the Minnesota Safe Routes to School Walk to School Day Photo Contest.

Those photos have been reviewed and we’ve selected a winner. Take a look at the winning photos and some of our other favorites below.

2019 Walk to School Day Photo Contest Winners

Top 4 Winning Photos


Howe/Hiawatha Elementary School, Minneapolis Public Schools, submitted by Heather Greene

Dozens of kids cross the street in a crosswalk with a few adults. Crossing guards hold orange flags. You can see the school and its sign, which says


Runners Up


Echo Park Elementary School, ISD 196

Students walk on a wooded trail with several adults. Two students are stiking a pose with their arms outstretched and big smiles.

Winsted Elementary School, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Public Schools, left; Oak Ridge Elementary School, Eagan, MN, right

Kids walk on a sidewalk along a road. One student is giving two thumbs-up. Students and their teacher stand on the sidewalk and wave to the camera.


2018 Walk to School Day Photo Contest Winners


Top 3 Winning Photos


Foley Public Schools

Students and adults walk with umbrellas, rainboots, and ponchos. One umbrella is turned inside out..

MACCRAY Public Schools

Students walk, holding umbrellas and signs


Rochester Public Schools
Teachers and football players give high-fives as students arrive at school


Other Photos We Loved...

Clara Barton Open School, Minneapolis Public Schools

Four students walk hand-in-hand down the sidewalk. More students and school busses are in the background.

Little Mountain Elementary, Monticello Public Schools, submitted by Gabe Hackett

A large group of srudents walks down the sidewalk. Several students are walking bikes.

Sibley Elementary School, Northfield Public Schools, submitted by Kate Bierman FordA group of students, and adults crosses the street in a crosswalk. Sone have bikes or strollers.

Congratulations to everyone on successful Walk to School Day events, and a great photo contest!