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Safe Routes Academy Workshop Application

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT), and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota’s Center for Prevention (Blue Cross) provide Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Workshops to interested communities on an ongoing basis. The workshop is taught by a combination of SRTS practitioners from MDH, MnDOT, and Blue Cross and provide a customized approach to advancing SRTS in your community.

photo of students walking to school on sidewalk

Safe Routes to School Workshop

At a SRTS Workshop, local, county and regional staff, along with advocates, learn how to plan and support SRTS efforts to create a state where all students can walk and bicycle on routes that are safe, comfortable, and convenient.  Participants will designate which training module will be most applicable to their community’s SRTS goals. The workshops will use the host community as the class room to support learning from and with practitioners from across the region.

Target audiences include engineers, law enforcement, planners, public health practitioners, school administrators, elected officials, students, parents and advocates.


Safe Routes Academy will offer a limited number of SRTS Workshops in Minnesota through rolling applications and will be reviewed regularly. All communities are eligible whether they are just starting SRTS efforts or have well established programs. If you feel your community is a great candidate for the workshop, please briefly respond to the following questions: