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MnSRTS Steering Committee

In 2012, MnDOT created the SRTS Steering Committee to guide the work of MnDOT staff. The SRTS Steering Committee includes 27 active members representing cities and counties, regional planning organizations, non-profit organizations, educators, and health professionals.

In 2013, the Steering Committee underwent a strategic planning process to determine MnDOT program priorities. The Steering Committee also considered SRTS activities that their individual organizations could focus on. Read the draft MnDOT SRTS Advisory Committee Strategy Planning (Word, 4 MB) summary report outlining the process and findings.

2015 Draft SRTS strategic plan

Check out the draft SRTS strategic plan (PDF) and fill out this survey to weigh in on SRTS program priorities. How did it come about? Beginning in the fall of 2014, MnDOT convened a diverse group of stakeholders from agencies and organizations around the state to develop a Minnesota SRTS Strategic Plan. Participants included representatives from Minnesota State departments of health, transportation, and education; city and county government; regional development commissions; public safety; traffic safety; schools and school districts; non-profits; and health organizations. Working through four interactive workshops and a series of online surveys between November 2014 and February 2015, the strategic planning participants developed a vision and value statements for the state SRTS program, and five-year goals, strategies, and action steps. The plan includes approaches to public outreach, marketing, and education for SRTS initiatives throughout Minnesota, as well as strategies for developing and implementing SRTS plans and programs.

Cover image of the SRTS Strategic Plan

2015 Draft SRTS strategic plan.