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Research, Design and Construction

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On November 17th, 2009, representatives from the Swedish Road Administration, Sweden's Royal Institute of Technology, Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute, and MnDOT met to discuss topics in research, pavement design and construction. The following is the agenda with presentations and discussion notes.


Program Agenda


Welcome, Keith Shannon
Hot Topics in Minnesota , Maureen Jensen
Hot Topics in Sweden, Per Andersson
Research at KTH , Bjorn Birgisson

Discussion: Collaboration in the future?
Construction practices
Short comparison MN-SWE, Mats Wendel
Drainable base in Sweden , Klas Hermelin
Intelligent Compaction , John Siekmeier
Stabilization techniques MN , Roger Olson
Performance spec., next gen, Robert Karlsson

Discussion: How do we improve quality?


Design practices
Output from Swedish students, Tomas Winnerholt
Swedish Design practice , Tomas Winnerholt
Minnesota Design practice , Jerry Geib
Axel loads in MN, Shongtao Dai
Bridge WIM, Tomas Winnerholt

Discussion: How can we be more accurate in design?
Questionnaire Road Constructions , Ben Worel
Summary  and attendance               All, Mats Wendel
MnROAD Visit (the day before)
Complementary pdf from ASCE about IC John Siekmeier