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MnROAD Field Investigation of Polyphosphoric Acid Modified Asphalt paving polyphosphoric pavement

This MnROAD study built upon the findings of previous Federal Highway Administration research to conduct a field trial assessing the performance of Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) over a 5-year period. PPA has been used for 30 years to stiffen asphalt pavement. Recent research by the FHWA and MnROAD hope to establish mutual cost- effectiveness and asphalt strength to provide a better utilization method for PPA.



Work Plans:


Reports and Publications:

"The Use and Performance of Asphalt Binder Modified with Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA)"

"Polyphosphoric Acid Modification of Asphalt Binders: A Workshop"



Polyphosphoric Acid Modified Asphalt in Conjunction with Lime as an Antistripping Agency