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Technology Transfer Ideas--newsletter, webinars, videos

We are looking for ideas for the monthly newsletter and research pays off topics along with video needs.   This topic will be discussed at the monthly team meetings and used by the tech transfer team to guide MnDOT staff.   If you have ideas please email us at Robert.filipczak@state.mn.us or text him at 320-761-0603.

Updated April 1, 2019

Newsletter Ideas Research Pays Off Ideas (webinar)
FRC thin overlays on TH 63 & Winona Co 25--joint activation April--Diamond Grinding in Texas
  May--Pavement Workshop
  June--Gerard Moulszolf on 100-year old concrete
  Unscheduled Webinar Ideas
  Superpave 5 Indiana
Unscheduled Ideas BIM
*Implemented MnPAVE Rigid 2.0

Evaluation of Unbound Aggregate Base layers using moisture monitoring data--Eyoab Zegeye Teshale

Utilized Lime Kiln Dust to stabilize wind turbine pads in Iowa.  
  NCAT Roundup of results (April 18)
a city contract using IDIQ for rehab project in Minneapolis Resistivity with Bernard
first year on DBR of pavement between existing dowel on I-94 near Monticello Gordy Bruns--Concrete Rehab
Testing out new w/c device the “Phoenix” on a concrete paving project.  
Provided Contractors with Super Air Meters to test the air content and determine the SAM number on concrete paving projects  
Tech Transfer Implementation Toolkit