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Maintaining Poor Pavements

Status:  Active
Project Start Date: October 3, 2017
Project End Date: May 31, 2019

Project Summary:
The objective of this project is to identify performance improvements that can be expected for Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) roadways, from the application of a variety of thin pavement rehabilitation treatments similar to and including thin lift overlays, fine graded HMA scratch course with a chip seal, mastic surface correction for cupped cracks with a chip seal, microsurfacing, scrub seals, etc.

The goal is to summarize practices being performed in various states and to collect performance data and costs related to thinner rehabilitation treatments applied to poor condition pavement, intended to extend service life. The focus of the project is to provide guidance on potential improvements to consider for lower volume roads that are in poor condition, but are not a high enough priority to justify a full reconstruction.

Contractor will conduct data analysis to focus on improvements made to ride quality from application of various thin rehabilitation treatments and the loss of ride quality over time. The benefits and effectiveness, of the treatments will then be evaluated alongside their cost to calculate life cycle benefits for an agency. The outcome will provide State with information related to the cost and performance expectations of various treatments, that will help make planned decisions for the rehabilitation of pavements.

Project Tasks/Status:
Original Need Statement: Maintaining Poor Pavements, SRF Consulting- 4/16/2017 (WORD)
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Task 1: Literature Review

Task 2: Collect Data from the NRRA States
Task 3: Analysis of the Data
Task 4: Draft Final Report
Task 5: Final Report
Task 6: Project Management

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Principal Investigator:  Renae Kuehl, (SRF Consulting)
Technical Liaison:  Ben Worel, (MnDOT)
Project Technical Advisory Committee (TAP) Email the TAP
Jerry Geib (MnDOT), Team Leader
Cody Brand (MnDOT D8)
Elliot Keyes (MnDOT)
Andrew Hanz (Mathy)
Robert Green (MI)
Ed Johnson (MnDOT)
James Bittmann (MnDOT)
Tim Andersen (MnDOT)
Mark Gawedzinski (IL)
Timo Saarenketo (RoadScanners)
Dan Wegman (Braun)
Kevin Kliethermes (FHWA)

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Final Report:      May 31, 2019