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Preventive Maintenance Team

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The preventive maintenance team is comprised of technical experts in the area maintenance of concrete and asphalt roadways. Activities include prioritization of short and long term research, development of long term research test sections at MnROAD, and providing input to the technology transfer team on what should be marketed.

Current Projects and Resources

Team Research Development

Tech Transfer Development

  1. Surface Characteristics of Diamond Ground PCC Surfaces - Draft August 5th (WORD)
  2. Pavement preservation approaches for lightly surfaced roadways - Draft July 25th (WORD)
  3. Partial Depth Repairs of Concrete - Draft August 4th (WORD)
      • see the long term research on this same topic
  4. Surface Treatments for HMA Pavements - Draft July 25th (WORD)

Long Term Research Development

  1. Maintaining Poor Pavements
  2. Effective Long Lasting Partial Depth Joint Repairs for Challenging Conditions
  3. Effects of Aging on HMA Pavements - 9/23/2016(WORD)
  4. Cost Benefit Life Cycle of Pavement Smoothness - not apart of the MnROAD construction effort (WORD)

Pavement Manual Information

Illinois DOT Pavement Preservation chapter


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Meeting Notes/Action Items

Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Note that meeting dates/times may change depending on member schedules and holidays.