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Intelligent Construction Technologies Team

The NRRA Intelligent Construction Technologies (ICT) team is comprised of technical experts in the area of intelligent construction technologies. ICT includes innovative technologies for planning, design, construction, real-time quality control/monitoring, and management for the lifecycle of infrastructure construction. The ICT team’s activities include: short-term and long-term research, field evaluation and/or demonstration of current and emerging technologies, partnering with industry to assist with development and deployment of technologies, creation of tools and resources to assist with deployment efforts, technology transfer among NRRA partners, specification development and providing input to the technology transfer team on what should be marketed.

Expanded Mission Statement

Phase Two Research
  1. Evaluation of Levels 3-4 Intelligent Compaction Measurement Values (ICMV) for Soils Subgrade and Aggregate Subbase Compaction
  2. Support Importing, Viewing and Analysis of Dielectric Constant Data in Veta
  3. HD and VHD Seismic Approaches for Roadway Evaluation
    1. Intelligent Compaction – National Resource for IC
    2. International Society for Intelligent Construction (ISIC)
    3. SHRP2 (R06C) Technologies to Enhance Quality Control on Asphalt Pavements
    4. TPF-5 (334) Enhancements to the Intelligent Construction Data Management System (Veta) and Implementation
    5. Contractor uses the dielectric profile (doc) method in northern Minnesota
    1. FHWA Reviews the Rolling Density Meter
    2. 2014 Nova Award Winner – Intelligent Compaction