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Longitudinal Joint Construction Performance

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Project Summary: The construction of longitudinal joints in an asphalt pavement is typically the most difficult to achieve high density due to viscosity of pavements at high temperatures. Thus, deterioration of longitudinal joints is one of the major distresses facing agencies. The goal of this Tech Transfer would be to compile research and specifications from the NRRA states and others into a synthesis for publication.

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Summarize each states current activity and what the NRRA team suggests as future action plan - Sources of deterioration; construction innovations, pavement preservation approaches.

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Principal Investigator:  Brandon Brever, MAPA
Technical Liaison: John Garrity, MnDOT
Project Technical Advisory Committee (TAP) Email the TAP

Randy West (NCAT)
Eshan Dave (UNH)
Jim Trepanier (IL)
Ed Johnson (MN)
Tim Clyne (MN)
Brandon Brever(MAPA)
John Garrity (MN)
Zhanping You (MTU)
Curt Turgeon (MN)

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  1. Longitudinal Joint Construction Performance (NRRA Original Statement) - March 2017 (WORD)


Final Report:      Longitudinal Joint Construction Performance (Sept. 2018)