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Mix Rejuvenator Test Sections (Phase-2)

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Michael Vrtis, MnDOT
Dan Oesch, MoDOT
Barry Paye, WisDOT
Brian Hill, I DOT
Raghu Shrestha, CalTrans
Hassan Tabatabaee, Cargill
Pete Montenegro, Collaborative Aggregates
Terry Naidoo, Asphalt and Wax Innovations
Grant Wollenhaupt, Superior Bowen
Andrew Hanz, Mathy
Brian Fennell, Kraton
Jim Arduino, Georgia Pacific
Alex McCurdy, Poet
Jason Bausano, Ingevity
Chris Williams, US Soybean Board
Andy Cascione, Flint Hills
Randy West, NCAT
Nathan Moore, NCAT
Nam Tran, NCAT
Jerry Geib, MnDOT
Jo Daniel, UNH
Paul Nolan, MnDOT
Mohamed Elkashef, UC Davis
John Garrity, MnDOT
Tyler Wollmuth, NDDOT
Curt Dunn, NDDOT

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