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NRRA Pavement Workshop 2018

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NRRA Pavement Workshop 2018

Workshop Objective

The NRRA will continue the tradition of presenting sessions about current practices that implement new pavement research and technology. It will be held May 23 and 24, 2018. If you have any questions, or suggestions for workshop content, don't hesitate to contact us.
If you are a student and want to attend the Workshop, we are offering the first 50 students free registration. Please contact us if you are interested.


Agenda (updated 5/7/18)

Dowload agenda (DOC)

May 23--Monticello, MN and MnROAD ($50)

    9:00 – 9:30

    National Road Research Alliance
    General State of the Alliance
    Glenn Engstrom - (MnDOT)

    9:30 – 10:30

    Flexible Overview
    Barry Paye, Chair (WisDOT)

    Rigid Overview
    Brett Trautman, Chair (MoDOT)

    10:30- 11:00



    Geotechnical Overview
    Terry Beaudry, Chair (MnDOT)
    Dave Van Deusen, MnDOT and John Siekmeier (MnDOT)

    Preventive Maintenance Overview
    Jerry Geib, Chair (MnDOT)




    Preventive Maintenance Workshop

    Spray Applied Rejuvenators

    (Rob Green, MDOT, Mike Shea, MoDOT, and Jerry Geib, MnDOT)
    DOT Pavement Management Decision Trees

    (Jerry Geib, MnDOT)

    Geotechnical Workshop (Room #2)

    Pavement Design Criteria for Recycled Aggregate Base and Large Stone Subbase

    Bora Cetin (Iowa State University)

    Case Study TDA Recycled Tires

    Joaquin Wright (GHD)

    2:00 -2:15



    Flexible Workshop (Room #1)
    Asphalt Pavement Performance Testing
    Barry Paye Moderator (WisDOT)
    Hamburg Wheel  – Barry Paye (WisDOT)
    IFIT– Brian Pfeifer (IDOT) 
    MIST – Dr. Z. You (Michigan Tech)
    TSR– John Donahue or Brett Trautman (MoDOT)
    DCT– Dave Van Deusen (MnDOT)

    Rigid Workshop (Room #2)

    Summary of CP Tech Center Study on Mechanisms of Joint Distress

    Gordon Smith (CP Tech Center Iowa State University)

    Concrete Pavement Repair Product Evaluations at MnROAD

    Tom Burnham (MnDOT)

    Findings From Study on Dowel Bar Anchorage in Full-depth Concrete Repairs

    Maria Masten (MnDOT)


    Workshop End

    NRRA MnROAD Tour/Dinner (open to all - RSVP)
    Location – MnROAD Test Facility





    6:30 -

    Executive Committee Meeting
    MnROAD conference room [states only]

May 24--St. Paul, MN($200)


Registration and Continental Breakfast


Glenn Engstrom (moderator)


Gene Skok Scholarship Awards
Joe Labuz (University of Minnesota)


National Perspective of Mike Anderson 
Skok Distinguished Speaker

R. Michael Anderson (Asphalt Institute)


Reflections on 34 years of Pavement Engineering

Rohrbach Distinguished Speaker

Dave Rettner (American Engineering Testing)


Break / Exhibits
(visit the NRRA members during the break)


NRRA Workshop Summary 
Benefits of the NCAT / MnROAD Partnership

Ben Worel (MnDOT)
Buzz Powell (NCAT)


MnROAD Construction Associate Member Testimonials 
John Roberts (International Grooving and Grinding Assoc)
Soheil Nazarian (Univ. of El Paso, Center for Transp. Infrastructure)
David White (Ingios)

Luke Pinkerton (Helix)




Technical Talk –  Future Technologies
Bryan Downing (CAT Paving Products)


State Member Testimonial 
John Donahue (MoDOT)
John Senger (IDOT)

Barry Paye (WisDOT)


NRRA Future Goals and Direction
Glenn Engstrom


Break / Exhibits

2:15 -4:15 Concurrent Research Tracks


Geotechnical Team (Room 1)
Moderator – John Siekmeier

Recent frost depth/protection research
Bora Cetin (Iowa State University)
Frost Depth Estimation and Mitigation
Steve Henrichs  (MnDOT)
Pavement Foundation Construction Quality Assurance and Process Control
Dave White (Ingios)
Quantifying Moisture in Granular Materials for Mechanistic Pavement Design

Soheil Nazarian (Univ. of El Paso, Center for Transp. Infrastructure)

Flexible Team (Room 2)
Moderator – Brandon Brever (MAPA)

Overlay Study
Eshan Dave (Univ. of New Hampshire)
Cold Central Plant Recycling
Dave Rettner (AET)
IFIT and Illinois experience
Brian Pfeifer (IDOT) 

Future of asphalt binder specifications
Andy Cascione (Flint Hills Resources)

Rigid Team (Room 3)
Moderator - Charles Wienrank (IDOT)
Evaluation of the Benefits From Structural Fibers in Thin Concrete Pavements
Manik Barman (University of Minnesota Duluth)
Concrete Overlay Performance on Iowa’s Roadways
Gordon Smith (CP Tech Center at Iowa State University)
10-year Anniversary of the Route D Unbonded Concrete Overlay, Oldest US Project With Geotextile Interlayer
John Donahue (MoDOT)
Reliability Analysis of MnDOT’s Concrete Rehabilitation Sections

Bernard Izevbekhai (MnDOT)

Preventive Maintenance Team (Room 4)
Moderator – Jerry Geib (MnDOT)

Maintaining Poor Pavements
Joe Korzilius (SRF Consulting)
PCC Patching
Justin Lashley (Braun Intertec)
Diamond grinding and lightly surfaced roads
Update by SRF or MnDOT
IDIQ of PCC pavement

Phil Ruffus (MoDOT)




Closing Reception
Refreshments and appetizers

This two-day conference provides practical information to practitioners and others interested in pavement design, construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance. The conference examines national and local trends and innovations to expand understanding of pavement challenges and solutions.

Sessions focus on current practices that implement new pavement research and technology. Specifically, presentations emphasize new materials and methods that can assist decision makers in providing the most cost-effective strategies for building, repairing, and maintaining pavement infrastructure.