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Minnesota Pavement Conference - February 5, 2014

The one-day conference included sessions that examine current practices and implementation of new pavement research and technology. National and local trends and innovations were examined to expand attendee understanding of pavement challenges and solutions.

In 2014, the Pavement Conference was held in conjunction with the Road Dust Institute (RDI) 3rd Road Dust Best Management Practices Conference. 

Introductory Plenary Session

Sustainability in Pavements: A Journey and Not a Destination
Kurt Smith, Program Director, Applied Pavement Technology Inc.

Impact of Implements of Husbandry on Bridges, Communities, and Transportation Infrastructure
Rory Rhinesmith, Deputy Administrator, Wisconsin Department of Transportation and TERRA Past Chair

Selecting and Specifying Chemical Treatments of Unpaved Roads and Airports 

Moderator: Deanna Pinkham, Compass Minerals

New Tools for Selecting Unpaved Road Chemical Treatments 
Dave Jones, University of California Pavement Research Center

Generic Specifications for Sourcing and Applying Unpaved Road Chemical Treatments
Dave Jones, University of California Pavement Research Center

Implementing Chemical Treatment Specifications on Projects in Alaska
Billy Connor, University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Concrete Pavements 

Moderator: Tom Burnham, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Colored Concrete Pavements—Are They Here to Stay?
Tom Burnham, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Updated Guide for Concrete Pavement Preservation
Kurt Smith, Applied Pavement Technology Inc. 

Non-Destructive Testing for Concrete Pavement Thickness Quality Assurance
Mark Dunn, Iowa Department of Transportation

Low-Volume Roads

Moderator: Joel Ulring, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Use of High Float Roadways In Alaska 
Billy Connor, University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Minnesota's Experience with Lightly Surfaced Roads
Eddie Johnson, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Quantifying and Communicating the Effect of Heavy Vehicles on Pavements 
W. James Wilde, Minnesota State University

Asphalt Pavements

Moderator: Jerry Geib, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Types of Asphalt Failures
Ervin Dukatz, Mathy Construction Co.

Consistency Matters: Use of Infrared and Ground Penetrating Radar for Asphalt Pavements
Greg Johnson and Shongtao Dai, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Asphalt Aging—What Does It Mean? Pooled Fund Study Update
Tom Wood, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Closing Plenary Session

Moderator: Maureen Jensen, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Don't Shoot the Messenger—Communicating Transportation Needs to Local Citizens and Officials
Rick West, Otter Tail County Engineer, and Sue Miller, Freeborn County Engineer

Manitoba's Winter Roads: From "Eh" to Z
Larry Halayko, Director of Contract Services, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Department

Pavement Preservation Effectiveness: Lessons Learned
Dave Peshkin, Vice President, Applied Pavement Technology Inc.


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