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Collaboration and Partnerships

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MnROAD can help you with your research project

Collaborating on research is critical to the ongoing success of MnROAD. It is necessary from a funding perspective, but also ensures that we are addressing the most important issues.

There are many ways to become involved in MnROAD:

If you would like more information about getting involved in MnROAD, contact Ben Worel at 651-366-5522.


MnROAD, owned and operated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, is funded through a combination of industry, local, state, federal and international sources. Additionally, many other states participate in pooled studies.

Recently, MnROAD embarked on a partnership with the nation's other largest pavement testing center, the National Center for Asphalt Technologies in Auburn, Alabama. The two agencies will coordinate experiments and combine resources to provide cost-effective solutions for pavement performance in both north and south climates.