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Soil Displacement

SC Sensor


A "SC" sensor measures soil compression due to dynamic loads. Data from these sensors is only collected during load testing.

A Soil Compression (SC) Gage consists of a 1 inch stroke potentiometer mounted inside a set of sliding brass tubes that have flat circular plates attached to their ends. Soil Compression Gage manufactured by CTL Group.

Location and Quantity 25

SC sensors were installed in three directions (longitudinal and transverse to traffic, vertical) to characterize dynamic soil compression under traffic loads. ii. SC sensors were installed in Cells 16-19 and Cells 77-79.

Current Status

These sensors have been found to be fragile, and many no longer function.

MnROAD Database Table

Data has been collected during load test events. Data has to be processed first, but then is loaded into the MnROAD database tables: MNR.DYNAMIC_LOAD_TEST_VALUES and MNR.DYNAMIC_LOAD TEST DESCRIPTIONS.