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2017 Construction update week of Oct. 9

Engineer's Weekly Update

by Dave Van Duesen

Below you will find a recap of activities from last week and the plan for the remainder of construction (see also the attached PDF):

Week of October 9, 2017:

  • On Thursday Cells 995 and 986 were paved with UTBWC and Superpave 12.5 mm wear course, respectively, using a spray paver. These two sections are single lift overlay experiments. Patching in the partial depth repairs also took place.
  • Friday, the first lift of Cells 987-991 was paved with the Superpave 19.0 mm mixture.
  • On Saturday, the second lift of Cell 988 and single lift of 986 were constructed.


Week of October 16, 2017:

  • Monday – Contractor is sealing the joints in Cells X39.
  • Tuesday – The paving plan calls for the second HMA lifts in Cells 989 and 990 to be paved. These are the mix design experiments with Superpave 95/5 and 3.0% regressed air voids, respectively. Also planned for paving is the crack reducing interlayer in Cell 992.
  • Wednesday and/or Thursday – final HMA paving of remaining cells on the original mainline.


Week of October 23, 2017:

  • Final work will consist of grinding rumble strips and aggregate shouldering placement.
  • As shown in the attached schedule we envision having the original westbound lanes of I-94 turned over to us for striping at the end of next week.