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2017 Construction update week of Aug. 28

Engineer's Weekly Update

by Dave Van Duesen


Monday, August 28
Cells X28: Contractor began reconstruction of the section of Cells 128/228 that failed by removing pavement, base, and subbase. MnROAD personnel performed baseline DCP tests on the exposed subgrade.
Cells 7, 8, 9, and others: MnROAD personnel marking locations for NRRA concrete pavement rehab (CPR) studies.

Tuesday, August 29
Cells X28: Subgrade soil processing in the morning – watering and ripping. MnROAD personnel performed prepared subgrade QA DCP testing in the afternoon. When completed, CSM placed separator fabric as well the triaxial grid.
Cell 8: MnROAD personnel prepping for sensor installs in CPR panel replacement locations.

Wednesday, August 30
Cells X05: Contractor cleaning surface. MnROAD personnel prepping for sensors.
Cells X38/X39: MnROAD personnel finalizing Joint Opening sensor installs.
Cells X28 recon: Placed large-stone subbase on triaxial grid area in the morning, followed by Class 5Q aggregate base. Biaxial delivered to site and installed early in the afternoon followed by subbase placement. Class 5Q aggregate base placed in the triaxial area in the afternoon.

Thursday, August 31
Cell X28 recon: Final placing and shaping of Class 5Q base.
Cells X05: Contractor placed the non-woven geosynthetic bond breaker. MnROAD personnel began installation of pavement sensors.
Friday, September 1
Cells X05: MnROAD personnel completed installation of pavement sensors.
Cells X28 recon: MnROAD personnel performed geotechnical point tests on aggregate base. Ingios on site to perform IC roller mapping.

Tuesday, September 5
Cells X05: Concrete paving planned for noon today.
Cells X33: Placement of the double chip-seals on two of the CCPR cells is possible for today, weather dependent.

Look-ahead high points:

  • See the attached look-ahead schedule for the weeks of September 4 and 11 provided by CSM at the weekly meeting.
  • Cells X05: Paving of the unbonded concrete overlay is planned for today, Tuesday, September 5, starting at noon.
  • Cells X33: Placement of the double chip-seals on two of the CCPR cells is possible for today, weather dependent.
  • Plans for the remainder of the week of August 4 include shoulder work necessary to permit the traffic switch over to newly constructed mainline I-94 test sections.
  • Traffic is planned to be switched Wednesday, September 13 to facilitate construction of the HMA overlays on the original WB I-94 concrete.
  • Cells X35, 185/186/188/189, X27/X28: Final HMA paving is planned for Thursday, September 14.
  • Concrete pavement rehab experiments: The various NRRA patching experiments are planned to happen in October, after completion of the HMA overlays on the original lanes of WB I-94.