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2017 Construction update week of Aug. 14

Engineer's Weekly Update

by Dave Van Duesen

Monday, August 14
Our Contractor paved the foamed AC CCPR test strip at their Maple Grove yard.
Subcontractor installing new guardrail.
Cells 127/228: MnROAD personnel installed conduits and temperature trees.
Cells X27/X28: Contractor ripping and watering subgrade.
Cells X38/X39: Placing shoulder base.

Tuesday, August 15
Cells X27/X28: Contractor performed final prep on subgrade; placed large sized rock subbase from east to west. MnROAD personnel placed final conduit run in Cell 127.
Cells X33/X35: Paving foamed AC CCPR sections 233/135 postponed due to RAP gradation issues. MnROAD personnel installed subsurface conduit. Contractor delivered paving equipment to site.
Cells X38/X39: Placed shoulder aggregate surfacing.

Wednesday, August 16
Cells 133/235: Contractor produced and paved foamed AC CCPR sections. Foamed PG 58S-28 in the morning. Switch over to Foamed PG 52S-34 in the afternoon.
Cells X27/X28: Contractor continued placing large rock sub base. Mixing of rock and subgrade soils observed in 9-inch subbase sections.

Thursday, August 17
Cells X27/X28: Final placement and shaping of large sized agg subbase.
Cells 133/235: MnROAD personnel installed subsurface sensors in preparation for paving.
Cells X39: MnROAD personnel observed cracking in the concrete (3-inch design section) due to construction traffic. We will limit the amount of construction traffic to only that which is necessary.

Friday, August 18
Cells 133/235: Contractor produced and paved emulsified AC CCPR sections. CCPR with CIR-EE(H) emulsion in the morning followed by emulsified PG XX-34 in the afternoon.
Cells X27/X28: Contractor began placing aggregate base material.

Saturday, August 19
Cells X27/X28: Contractor continued placing aggregate base material.

Look-ahead high points:

  • See the attached look-ahead schedule for the weeks of August 21 and 28 provided by CSM yesterday at the weekly meeting.
  • Geotech point testing is planned for Cells X27/X28 on Monday, August 21.
  • Contractor plans to start paving HMA on NRRA Geotechnical Cells 185/186/188/189 and X27/X28 on Monday, August 21.
  • Cells X05: Final cleaning and installation of fabric for the unbonded concrete overlay is planned for Tuesday, August 22. Paving is scheduled for Thursday or Friday, August 24/25.
  • Traffic is planned to be switched early in September (the week after labor day) to facilitate construction of the HMA overlays on the original WB I-94 concrete.