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[   ]i 35w ramp to lake dr - naples rd rp 030+00.760 wa year 1996.pdf2017-12-12 13:41 42K 
[   ]I35W NB EXIT RAMP-CSAH 23 AT NAPLES ST NE RP 023+00.539 HOURLY APPROACH COUNTS YR 2003.pdf2017-12-12 13:41 28K 
[   ]I35W AT CSAH 23-LAKE DR S RAMP HOURLY APPROACH COUNT RP 036+00.265 YEAR 2003.pdf2017-12-12 13:41 27K 
[   ]I35W AT CSAH 23-LAKE DR N RAMP HOURLY APPROACH COUNT RP 036+00.683 YEAR 2003.pdf2017-12-12 13:41 27K